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    Studio Smoll

    The manufacturing method of vegetable tanned leather not only has an enriched history, it is also an environmentally friendly method. Leather products manufactured under this method have an exceptionally elegant texture and unique, multilayered feel; moreover, the leather products get better with age, being polished and matured in the course of time.

    Unfortunately, vegetable tanned leather is not suitable for mass production. The firm surface of this leather makes it difficult and costly to sew up or glue together pieces of vegetable tanned leather, and considering the natural, random scars and wrinkles on the surface of these products, this limits the use of vegetable tanned leather only in customized products or those in the higher price range. Leather products seen on the market are usually made of chrome-tanned leather, which in comparison to vegetable tanned leather is easier to manufacture but more harmful to the environment.

    Smollism is a brand-new concept that gets around past limitations. It no longer requires sewing, gluing, purchasing professional tools or attending courses to create your own vegetable tanned leather bag. The assembling process is so simple that customers can create a bag just by themselves with the prepared material and tools. Why do we let customers make their own bags? First of all, folding the leather pieces like paper creates a perfect structure, and the process is not only simple and fun but also rewards our customers a great sense of accomplishment. Also, someday, when you no longer want to use the product, dismantling it is just as easy as assembling it. All the pieces taken apart can be recycled or decomposed, and our environment will suffer no pollution from the product.

    ‘Do it yourself’ means that any problems you encounter during the assembly process cannot be solved in the production lines in our factories. Therefore, we value the ‘precision’ and ‘operability’ of our products. We operate with high precision cutters and install mechanical devices to decrease its surface roughness and increase its smoothness, all of which meet our demands of ‘precision.’ We value our products’ ‘operability’ just as much, so we lined up series of cuts where the leather piece should be folded, which serves as a “guideline” for users during the assembly process and enhances the structural stability of the bags.

    We recommend driving the anti-loose paint covered screws with the prepared screwdriver since it conserves energy and provides just enough force. Errors and mistakes are allowed during the assembly since the anti-loose paint remains in function after unscrewing. The assembly process is very intuitive thanks to our design, painting screws in the various colored anti-loose paint that resembles different lengths.