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  • Smollism

    Self Fulfillment & Environmentally Friendly

    What’s Smollism?

    Just a little damage can let an ordinary bag to become out of use, since the designers may miss considering the repairing and recycling details as a key point of their products. These situations often turn precious bags into some meanings of garbage, also causing environmental problems at the same time.

    The concept of Studio Smoll’s products is to let our customers enjoy the process of self-assembling leather goods while feeling the great texture of natural vegetable tanned leather while you doing it. The assembly process only passes through a patented slit structure. With the use of this cleverly designed slit, tools and courses are no longer needed to create a leather made bag. Not to mention needles, adhesive, nor any chemical that may come up your mind.

    The easy to assemble product concept allows customers to purchase individual parts to repair wounded bags. Even when the day you decided to stop using it for a while comes, the bag can still be completely disassembled just like the day you assembled the whole bag. All materials can be decomposed and recycled since environmental friendly is the most important core value of our brand.

    Three Keys of Smollism.


    Precisely processed leather, with series of cuts that marks the crease and guides users to fold the leather pieces to bags.


    Covered in anti-loose paint, the screws can be used multiple times. Pay extra attention to the color of paint on the screws and its length to eliminate assembly errors.


    We prepared everything you need for the assembly (screw driver, water pen, eraser), purchasing other tools or books regarding the assembly process isn’t necessary.

    Smollism Q&A.

    Q1.- Why natural vegetable-tanned leather?

    It is the most eco-friendly and original type of leather, all its components being completely natural. It will gradually gain toughness over time and the product’s color would darken and appear polished during use. Therefore, the natural appearance of leather is very well preserved.

    Q2.-Why don’t I see the leather product I purchased from the online store?

    Smoll products provide the necessary leather and parts for DIY. With innovative ideas you could easily enjoy the assembly process, during which you would achieve a sense of accomplishment and certainly have some fun.

    Q3.-Why is there only a piece of leather and nothing in shape?

    Smoll products select whole pieces of natural vegetable-tanned leather, and will gradually become 3-dimensional after the assembly. If you’re not in a hurry, enjoy your chance of the smooth touch and luster of this beautiful piece of leather.

    Q4.-What assisting tools must I purchase?

    You may associate assembling a leather product with a multitude of assisting tools. However, all the tools needed are all within this package, you only need your hands to create your own leather bag.

    Q5.-Where can I learn the skills of DIY leather?

    Don’t worry, Smoll has already tackled most of the problems you would encounter during the assembly process. All you need to do is to scan the QR Code on the product description card to link you to our assembly videos which could provide help on getting the job done.

    Q6.-How do I recycle the product once it no longer comes in use?

    Smoll products consists of decomposable vegetable-tanned leather, and the since the assembly process requires absolutely no need of suturing or adhesives, you would only need to remove the stainless steel screws from the product before recycling it.