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  • Eyee, Officially Launched Now

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    Studio Smoll

    The prototype of Eyee can come back to the end of 2017. To cover the completeness of personal accessories in our products, we tried some small column-shaped structures and appearances. This is considered the most primitive form of Eyee. But the design was later suspended while struggling between whether to use cuboid or prism in presenting. Then, we busy with all kinds of work, the time just flew by. Except for several interviews that accidentally captured its look, Eyee has been almost completely forgotten.

    Yet in the year 2019, during the exhibitions we went on in Paris and Milan. We met many customers who came up with ingenious ideas who propose to expand the clown phone case into a ratio suitable shape for storing glasses. So we adapted the prism prototype we once suspended in 2017, and this became the birth of Eyee. The prism-shape in Eyee provides a special temperament that is very stable in structure but a bit rebellious visually. When the user matches with Eyee, besides how well glasses can be fit in Eyee, the reactions of the user and Eyee creates is as well so delicate, as if the two are having a profound but warm conversation.

    Three years have passed since our first attempt, we are so very excited to welcome the new member Eyee to join Studio Smoll’s series of products, and wishes Eyee can soon find fans, as like all other members in Studio Smoll’s big family!

    Picture above shows some attempts in small column-shaped structures, photographed in 2017