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    The Envelope Wallet is a daily accessory that carries a minimalist, sustainable design with high functionality. By applying origami to vegetable-tanned leather design, we seek new possibilities outside of the current regime of the industry.

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    Experience the joy of crafting leather goods through our DIY assembly process and receive a complimentary ‘ Studio Smoll European Vegetable-Tanned Keychain’ (random color shipped).

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    We’re fond of vegetable-tanned leather because of its lovable attributes. To preserve the material’s integrity, we keep the design simple and the processing minimal.

    Through origami design, we overcome the limits of traditional vegetable-tanned leather making.  The Smoll Wallet is thin, light, and durable. And it can fit in as many bills, coins, and cards as you need.

    The Journey:

    Breaking Conventions

    It all started with our love for vegetable-tanned leather—the texture, smell, firmness, naturality, and modulability. However, the stiff and tenacious character also sets its own limit. In comparison to chrome-tanned leather, the sewing and gluing processing of vegetable-tanned leather are more difficult. That’s why most of the leather products on the market are made with chrome-tanned leather, while vegetable-tanned leather is only used for pricey customized goods or in professional workshops.

    It got us thinking: how to make vegetable-tanned leather more accessible and share its beauty to more people? We came up with the idea of bringing origami to leather design. Not using any stitch or glue, we exceed the limit of the traditional, complicated processing of vegetable-tanned leather. What’s more, instead of breaking leather into small pieces and restructuring them back together, we preserve its integrity and make the most of its original structure.

    Sculptural and firm, vegetable-tanned leather is a great medium to carry out origami design. The only challenge is that it is hard to fold and stay in place. To solve this problem, we first skive the leather piece and use only the thin full grain to make the Envelope Wallet, and we add a unique crease of non-continuous cuts on the leather piece, making the assembly of each product easy, yet precise. Thanks to the seamless crease design, the Envelope Wallet can be folded as compliant as paper and stay slim.

    After trying out different curves, shapes, and sizes, we found the perfect pattern for the seamless crease design. To crave the line clean and clear on the leather piece, precision is the key. Dealing with a material that has high originality, we found out that it is hard to find the right factory that can meet our needs. Therefore, we decided to buy our own laser cutting machine so we can test out the best parameters and conduct our production.

    Every detail matters. After the laser cutting process, we take the leather piece back to the working table to complete the burnishing. Because of the delicate fiber and dense texture of vegetable-tanned leather, by using the wood slicker and leather finish gel—and plenty of time—we make the edge smooth and polished.

    Each Envelope Wallet is made in our studio to meet our standard of quality. We take care of all the production processes in our studio, from leather smoothing to product assembly. The simple assembly echoes the minimalist design of the Envelope Wallet. We don’t use any sewing or chemical glues, keeping the process as sustainable as possible.

    The only mechanism used in forming the wallet is an ultra-short stainless steel screw. This tiny component keeps the origami seamless structure solid and firm, avoiding any kind of loosening situation. To align with the slim layout of the wallet, we worked directly with the local manufacturer to get our customized screw, whose head is only 1.2mm thick.

    By using the screwing tool we designed, the assembly is easy and won’t leave scratches on the leather surface. Forming the wallet seems quite challenging, but it is not. If you’re interested in making your own wallet, the Envelope Wallet also lets you experience the fun of origami and leather making.

    The Design:

    Sleek, Simple & Durable

    Origami can be powerful. Without using any sewing, zipper, or button, the Envelope Wallet is slim, light, and has multiple layers with easy access for you to keep all the teeny tiny in the right place. The stain-repellent coating adds extra durability to the leather surface, keeping the wallet fresh after wear and tear of frequent use.

    All Fits in One

    The Envelope Wallet has two versions: Compact Wallet and Long Wallet. Both of them have four kinds of layers and pockets to put cards, bills, coins, and receipts.

    Although carrying only cards and bills is a lot more convenient, there are still times that we end up having coins in our hands. Unlike many compact size wallets, the Envelope Wallet has a separate coin slot for you to keep them in place.

    If you prefer a classy look, the long wallet is for you. The inner layout allows you to organize things quickly and clearly. The angular cut of the card slot makes it easy to pop the cards in and out.

    You may keep the coins in one of the layers. Although there’s no zipper or button, things will not fall out after closing the wallet properly.

    Sometimes you just want to walk out and get a coffee, and all you need is your wallet and cellphone. The long Envelope Wallet can help you with that. The quick access pocket on the back of the wallet is big enough for iPhone 13 Pro.

    Easy to Carry Around

    Time to say goodbye to the thick, heavy wallet. We keep the design as simple as possible, making the Envelope Wallet slim, light, and convenient to use. You can smoothly slide it into your pocket or bag.

    Leather products don’t have to be bulky. Having only one ultra-slim metal screw for the seamless design, the compact version of the Envelope Wallet weighs only one-fifth of an iPhone 13 Pro, and the long wallet is also very light.

    Durable for Everyday Use

    Wallets are one of the most used accessories in our everyday life. Vegetable-tanned leather is already a strong and lasting material, and to strengthen it a bit more, we add a water and stain repellent finish to the grain side of the leather. You don’t have to worry too much about the leather getting dirty!

    Customized Engraving

    A small piece of engraving adds a little posh element to this personal accessory. Located on the left bottom of the cover, the engraving only appears when you open the wallet, leaving your personal information in a modest, private space. The service is available as an add-on.

    The engraving can be up to two lines with character limits:

    • First Line – 12 characters (including space)
    • Second Line – 9 characters (including space)

    Add on Customized Engraving Service, and note the content in the order.

    DIY Edition

    We always want to share the beauty of leather with everyone. The Smoll Envelope Wallets are available as finished products, but if you have a curious mind, we welcome you to get the DIY edition and make your own wallet with the tools we prepare for you. We hope that through the process, you will have a deeper understanding and direct connection with the material, as well as the product.

    * Experience the joy of crafting leather goods through our DIY assembly process and receive a complimentary ‘ Studio Smoll European Vegetable-Tanned Keychain’ (random color shipped).

    Spec & Detail

    Color Options

    Metallic Black is an elegant color option for those who seek difference in a subtle way. Every metallic black color is completely processed by hand, which makes your wallet truly one of a kind. We create Metallic Black by brushing the surface of the black veg tanned leather with strokes of sustainable water based silver pigment, that’s why we can only offer limited quantities. This unique technique gives a beautiful patina with marble like pattern, generating a soft glow under light.

    Envelope Long Wallet - self-assembling

    Envelope Compact Wallet - self-assembling


    Compact, Long


    Honey Brown, Classic Black, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Ruby Red, Metallic Black