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  • Wink! User’s Guide

    Wink! User’s Guide

    Product Information

    Product Dimension

    Apparent Size :12cm (length) / 30cm (width) / 5.5cm (height)

    Capacity : 2 layers, 11cm (length) / 19.5cm (width) / 1.5cm (height) per layer

    Package Dimension

    DIY Package(tube): 48cm (length) /13cm(diameter)

    Finished Product(box): 34.5cm (length) / 16.5cm (width) / 6.8cm (height)


    Leather :  European vegetable-tanned leather

    Screw :  Stainless steel 18/8

    Country of Production

    Made in Taiwan




    ·Please drive the screws with the snowflake-shaped screw driver, it conserves energy, provides just enough force, and prevents the leather surface from scratches.

    ·When assembling, please note that screws come in pairs determined by the paint color at the tip of the screws and its length.

    ·Drive the screw until it integrates with the leather surface. If finding it particularly difficult to further drive in the screw, please unscrew and remove all leather scraps on the screw and try again.

    ·Though the screws are reusable, we do not recommend unscrewing regularly since the functionality of the anti-loose paint on the tip of the screws will decline every time unscrewed and ultimately lose its effect.

    ·We do not recommend using lubricating oil on our provided screws since it could neutralize the effect of the anti-loose paint.

    Water Pen

    ·The assembling process should be under an ambient temperature ranged between 15°C∼40°C (around 60°F∼100°F).

    ·Moisten the series of the cuts [1] with the water pen before folding the leather to increase its flexibility and protect leather fibers.

    ·After taking out the water pen, fill the pen up with water and screw in the tip of the water pen. Gently pressure the water pen while moistening the leather for consistence in the amount of water released. After all the cuts have soaked up enough water, you may start to fold the leather along the cuts.

    ·If some parts of the series of cuts occurs to be dry since the water may have evaporated during the folding process (could be seen from the leather’s color being lighter than when it soaked up water), moisten it again with the water pen.

    ·After you’ve completed folding the leather and screwed in the screws, place the product at a well ventilated location for it to dry. The wet parts of the leather will also regain its lighter color as water evaporates.

    ·Do not use any liquid other than water, it may result in permanent damage to the characteristics of the leather.

    [1] The series of cuts are continuously interlocked cuts through the leather that forms a path. The series of cuts is a Utility Patent that allows leather to be folded without damaging the leather.


    ·Use the eraser to remove carbon dust stuck in the cuts during the assembling process.

    ·Please remove the plastic bag layer before using the eraser.

    ·When folding leather, softly press the eraser on the cuts to remove the carbon waste.

    ·While removing the carbon waste, if eraser residue is spotted on surface of leather, remove it like carbon waste by softly pressing the eraser on the residue. Do not rub the eraser against the leather surface.

    ·If the eraser is covered by carbon waste and becomes ineffective in removing the carbon waste, rub the eraser against itself to regain its function.

    ·The eraser could be handy for removing stubborn stains on the leather later so it is suggested to keep the eraser for future usage.

    Product Maintenance

    Characteristics and maintenance of Vegetable-tanned leather

    ·Smoll products select natural vegetable-tanned leather, the most eco-friendly and original type of leather. The product’s color would gradually darken and appear polished during use. Under the premise of not affecting the product’s structure and function, respecting and presenting the natural appearance of leather has been and will always be the unwavering belief of Smoll.

    ·Leather repairing oil could be used for routine maintenance or minor scratches. Please remove stains and dust with soft brushes or a dry piece of cloth before applying the oil.

    ·Leather products are vulnerable to scratches, rain, oil stains, and strong chemicals like acids and bases; do not soak it in water and wash it.

    ·Moldiness is usually caused by environmental factors, frequently exposed in fresh air could prevent mold nourishment. If molds are seen, you can remove the mold with a clean piece of cloth then place the product at a well ventilated location.

    ·If the leather product has been exposed to the rain, use a piece of dry cloth to absorb the water and remove everything stored within the product to avoid the weight causing deformation. Place it at a well ventilated location and let it dry on its own. Avoid direct exposure to the Sun and heating sources like hair dryer, clothes dryer, or electric heater. After water has evaporated from the product, the lighter color will be regained.

    Characteristics and maintenance of Screws

    ·There is special paint at the tip of the screws that decreases the probability of screws getting loose.

    ·Though reusable, the effect of the paint will decline every time unscrewed.

    ·We do not recommend unscrewing regularly since the functionality of the anti-loose paint on the tip of the screws could eventually lose its effect. Because the screws are considered consumables, the screws are not warranted and is not repairable or recyclable by our company. If the paint on the screws has lost its functionality, you could order a new pair of screws from our company.

    ·We do not recommend using lubricating oil on our provided screws since it could neutralize the effect of the anti-loose paint.

    ·The screws are made of very stable stainless steel 18/8 and is resistant to acids and bases. Wipe it with a clean piece of cloth if stained, and avoid the leather part if using a piece of wet cloth.